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Where progress 
is designed.

We’re Coforma.

We’ve honed a modern, agile, user-centered approach that elevates human needs through thoughtfully- designed systems and products.

From articulating the unique needs of American Indian and Alaska Native patients through service blueprints that inform future health IT investments to improving the way governments consume COVID-19 mobility data through a more accessible and user-friendly tool, we’re dedicated to reshaping the way communities access and utilize technology products. Together.

Our cross-functional team works closely with each other and with our government, nonprofit, and commercial partners to research, design, and build better products and services.

Company Background

Founded in 2017, as PRTNRS LLC or &Partners, by three former US Digital Service public servants, today’s Coforma employs a dozen talented creators. Our leadership has decades of experience in improving government digital services from a civic service mindset, and a strong record of developing innovative technology solutions for government, enterprise, and nonprofits.

The Coforma team all on a zoom call using Eduardo's office as a background.

We’re a minority-owned small business and 9% Veterans. We’ve built a diverse team that’s dedicated to improving people’s lives through thoughtful technology products and services. To date, we've helped improve access to quality healthcare, connected families in crisis at the US border, researched improvements to veteran care, provided greater access to civic tools, used technology to tell previously told untold stories, and more.

Eduardo Ortiz delivers 'Design is Political' keynote at the 2019 AGL Summit in Sacramento, photo by AGL.

Eduardo Ortiz delivers 'Design is Political' keynote at the 2019 AGL Summit in Sacramento, photo by AGL.

Civic Service

Our executive leadership has served the Obama White House as Creative Director and the US Digital Service as Creative Director. Our staff has worked across federal and state agencies. Together we value justice and equity, democratic institutions, accessibility, and accountability.

Ashleigh Axios opening the 2019 AIGA Design Conference, photo by Frank Aymami Photography.

Ashleigh Axios opening the 2019 AIGA Design Conference, photo by Frank Aymami Photography.

Industry Experience

We co-founded the Digital Services Coalition and our CXO, Ashleigh Axios, is President of AIGA, the nation’s foremost professional design association. With leaders who’ve forged design innovation in the private sector at places like, The Washington Post, Fortuny, and Ralph Lauren, we understand digital design’s past and present. We’re defining its future with you.

Coforma team at AGL Summit in Washington, DC.

Coforma team at AGL Summit in Washington, DC.

Exceptional Talent

Truly creative solutions come from many places and reflect many experiences. Coforma’s technical talent converges with creative recognition across our team. Our staff is composed of accomplished fashion designers and painters, legendary coders, dedicated volunteers, complexity busters, musicians, and award-winning writers.

Our Values


From discovery to design to delivery, our cross-functional team works closely with our partners and stakeholders.


We’re committed to designing accessible content, applications, and design artifacts that are inclusive. We aim for solutions that work for all users.


We believe in autonomy and empowerment. It’s baked into our hiring practices, our work habits, and our project management.


We use qualitative and quantitative research and data to inform decisions, and in partnership with stakeholders, we determine the appropriate actions to take.

Ethical & Responsible

We vet our projects to ensure our partners are aligned with our mission and frame our work in ethical practices. We design for all experiences and are committed to building inclusive, accessible solutions. Our design process considers social factors, digital access, the digital divide, and user differences.


We use an intake framework to form aligned partnerships, and we take on challenges across important focus areas that benefit from our work, including immigration, Veterans services, voting and civic engagement, healthcare and health IT, access to justice and equity, and others.


We believe that working transparently leads to accountability and fosters community engagement, so we share finished work (when appropriate) with the public through case studies and GitHub repositories. We default to open-source technology for building and deploying products when possible, without compromising integrity or security.

Our Team

  • Ashleigh Axios %} Ashleigh Axios Partner, Chief Experience Officer
  • Kat Allarde %} Kat Allarde Senior Manager, PMO
  • Jared Cunha %} Jared Cunha Director of Product Engineering
  • Tyra Blew %} Tyra Blew Director of Contracts and Legal Affairs
  • Sabrina Fonseca %} Sabrina Fonseca Principal Design Strategist
  • James Hobbs %} James Hobbs Senior Product Designer
  • Arden Klemmer %} Arden Klemmer Director of Product Design
  • Yoni Knoll %} Yoni Knoll Director of Creative Technology
  • Kate Murphy %} Kate Murphy Product Designer
  • Eduardo Ortiz %} Eduardo Ortiz Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Angela Palm %} Angela Palm Director of Strategic Communications

Coforma Jobs

We’re a remote-first company that values collaboration, inclusivity, transparency, autonomy with accountability, and ethical and thoughtful design processes. We also have a Washington, DC office near Dupont Circle that we make available for collaboration and the occasional company all-hands gathering.

Health Insurance

  • 75% employer coverage for health insurance.
  • 75% employer coverage for dental insurance.


Generous holiday time off—including the week between Christmas and New Years


  • A competitive leave policy that includes unlimited paid time off (which may be taken in increments of up to two weeks at one time); no yearly accruals
  • Paid parental and disability leave for employees in qualifying locations, such as California, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, DC

Distributed Work

We support employees working from wherever they’d like. See our Medium post for other perks to intentionally remote-first working.

  • No expensive “uniforms”
  • Location and hours flexibility for caretaking responsibilities
  • Commute, lunch, and other costs cut back
  • No travel stipend necessary

Access Community

Company support of select industry- and practice area-relevant conferences, events, trainings, and certifications

Learn & Grow

Company-provided professional development resource archive, from lessons to books

* Additional benefit details are shared during the hiring process.

Cultural Perks

We care.

We’re Interested

We’re interested in the well-informed opinions of team members about technology, teams, tools, and process, as well as their passions—professional or otherwise.

We’re Human

We don’t expect work to come first all the time. We know there’s more to life than work.

Forever Developing

We believe in ongoing education and so we invest in continued personal and professional development, from our management structure to the resources and investments we make.

Giving Back

We give back. We’ve been known to provide a random paid day off to help the team recharge and/or invest energy in someone or something that matters to them individually.

Hiring Process

We’re always on the lookout for excellent candidates to fill Coforma positions, whether they’re open now or in the future. If we’ve already talked and there wasn’t an opportunity aligned with your experience and interests at that time, you may hear from us again when there is. We encourage referrals from staff, and involve staff from multiple levels of the company to participate in the hiring process. Candidates who receive an offer from Coforma will receive our company handbook and additional details about benefits and health plans at that time.