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Illustration of a web design system.

Improving the Public’s Experience with Government Services

Coforma provides services across all aspects of the software development process to enable GSA’s 10X program to grow in its support and investment of projects that can scale across the federal government, significantly improving how government builds technology for public good.

The Challenge

Client Name(s):
General Service Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Services (TTS)
Partner Name(s):
Delivery Date:
July 31, 2020

10x is a program created by the GSA TTS that funds, supports, and develops ideas from federal employees about how technology can improve the public’s experience with the government.

The General Service Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Services (TTS) office mines its talent pool for ideas the 10x program can research, develop, and scale with the goal of improving the quality of people’s interactions with government services.

We’re helping GSA achieve this goal through agile software development services, including:

  • Determining which 10x ideas are worthy of funding and advancing through development phases

  • Implementing 10x ideas

  • Providing the research, design, and code for select 10x projects

Our Approach

We’re making the US Web Design System more accessible.

One portion of the 10x project we’re working on is making the US Web Design System accessible by conducting accessibility audits, developing data visualization patterns, and crafting more inclusive form components. Human-centered design is a major component of our design and development process. We field public commentary about usability, design, interaction, and scope of components to ensure that we’re designing and building tools and systems that keep real users’ needs at the center of the process from start to finish. We also solicit commentary from the Accessibility Guild at GSA, and if necessary, schedule usability testing with GSA's accessibility tester.

The USWDS work provides a rich set of options for designers and developers to use in creating applications and UI for the federal government. It will ultimately be used by the entirety of the federal government to improve the user experience for tools of those working within the government, and ultimately improve how the government delivers digital services to its users.

Improved User Experience

User experience from forms to uploaded documents to visualization of data is increasingly intuitive, user-friendly, and inclusive.

GSA TTS 10x file input

A clearly designed file input form.

File Input

Form submission elements are clearer and simpler for all users.

GSA TTS 10x data visualization guidance

A line chart allows visually distinct information to be displayed at the same time and doesn’t hamper screen readers.

Data Visualizations

Data comes alive readily for users through designs and displays that are appropriately matched to content and accessible to a variety of users.

Tool tip animation

Placement options for tool tips.

Tool Tips

Tool tips offer utility classes that allow manual placement for maximum design flexibility.

GSA TTS 10x data segmented button group

A segmented button group.

Button Groups

Button groups are segmented to display a set of buttons together as one element.

Project Team

  • JaredJared CunhaProject Lead, Front-End Developer, Researcher