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A commitment to hiring our Veteran heroes.

Veterans offer unique skills that bolster Coforma’s impact. Our Veterans Hiring Initiative provides a structured, supportive pathway to employment at a workplace designed for Veteran success.

Coforma CEO Eduardo Ortiz during his time serving in the U.S. Marines.

Our Pledge

Coforma is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) committed to serving Veteran communities both through our work and hiring practices.

We value the depth of experience, knowledge, and character of service members—qualities crucial to a strong, diverse workforce—and pledge to actively hire Veterans while creating a workplace that intentionally supports their growth, wellness, and success.

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X4 Impact Top-Ranked Veteran Leadership Award 2022 Badge

The X4Impact awards recognize companies creating positive social impact through tech innovation. Coforma was honored in the Veteran Leadership category.

Building a Veteran-Centric Workforce

Strength in Diversity

We recruit and hire a diverse workforce to create products and systems that truly meet diverse needs. Veterans are a major focus area in our work, and, likewise, their experiences and expertise are critical to making a real difference in the Veteran communities we serve.

Veterans on our team bring deeply valuable insights that help guide and inform the products and services we build. We also benefit from the breadth of skills they gain through service, including:

  • Proven leadership and leadership readiness

  • Mission-focused approaches to work

  • Experience on diverse teams and organizations

  • Adaptability

  • Strong work ethic

  • Self-starter attitude

  • Creative problem solving

  • Integrity

Employee Resource Group

Our Veteran employee resource group is a new space for folx to collaborate, share, and shape conversations about what matters to them and the Veteran community. It’s also a hub for Veteran-centric support for success in the Coforma workplace. It’s open to all Veteran employees who wish to participate.

A 10% Veteran Workforce

An Informed Hiring Team

We’re designing a hiring process that supports Veterans at every step.

We’re training everyone involved in the hiring process—from members of our Human Resources and People Operations team to hiring managers—to have a strong understanding of where Veterans are coming from when they apply to Coforma, as well as the unique value their experiences add to our team.

Applicants will engage with a team that understands how military experience translates to job roles, the types of accommodations we offer that can make it easier for Veterans to work at Coforma, and personalized approaches to interviews.

Serving Veterans in Our Work

A Human-Centered Approach

The heart of Coforma’s work is human-centered design, research, and product development, meaning we involve real users in the research and design process for every project we undertake.

Veterans, their families, their caregivers, transitioning service members, and VA service providers deserve thoughtful products and experiences that treat them with respect, integrity, and care.

As we serve our Veteran focus area, we insist on engaging Veteran community members in the development of products and services that affect them.

American flags

Building Better Services

Veterans are and will always be a major focus area for Coforma. We hold SDVOSB certification and 8(a) certifications—both of which give us access to key set-asides for minority- and Veteran-owned small businesses. These have been instrumental in creating opportunities for us to center solutions around the diverse needs of Veterans and deliver modernized care, benefits, and solutions.

We’re currently working on a multi-year, multifaceted contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve the standard of healthcare for Veterans based on their input and lived experiences. Our team members, partners, and product users are all integrated in our values-centered approach to making things that matter.

Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business logo and Small Business Administration 8(a) Certified logo

Coforma’s commitment to working with organizations such as the VA enhances my sense of belonging to an organization whose values highlight humanity . . . and that’s something I believe in.
A Coforma Employee and Veteran