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We’re human-centered to our core.

We’re a remote-first company that values collaboration, inclusivity, transparency, autonomy with accountability, and ethical and thoughtful design processes.


We’re discerning about who we partner with and our values inform our ways of working, from project intake to delivery.


From discovery to design to delivery, our cross-functional team works closely with our partners and stakeholders.


We’re committed to designing accessible content, applications, and design artifacts that are inclusive. We aim for solutions that work for all users.


We believe in autonomy and empowerment. It’s baked into our hiring practices, our work habits, and our project management.


We use qualitative and quantitative research and data to inform decisions, and in partnership with stakeholders, we determine the appropriate actions to take.

Ethical & Responsible

We vet our projects to ensure our partners are aligned with our mission and frame our work in ethical practices. We design for all experiences and are committed to building inclusive, accessible solutions. Our design process considers social factors, digital access, the digital divide, and user differences.


We believe that working transparently leads to accountability and fosters community engagement, so we share finished work (when appropriate) with the public through case studies and GitHub repositories. We default to open-source technology for building and deploying products when possible, without compromising integrity or security.

Working at Coforma feels like performing a public service. It’s inspiring to see just how quickly our project contributions have made a significant impact, improving the everyday experiences of people who depend on government systems to work in a way that makes their lives easier.
A Coforma Designer