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A culture of care.

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2023 Elev8 GovCon Honoree

The GovCon Elev8 award emphasizes company culture, highlighting organizations with a specific focus on their employees, mission, and giving back.

Cofolx display the awards they received at our annual company gathering, co:assemble.

Cofolx display the awards they received at co:assemble, our annual company gathering.

Focus on People

A caring culture means we focus on people and listen to their needs.

Whether you’re interviewing with us, onboarding onto our team or a new project, or thinking about how to grow with us, we support you, encourage your passions, and listen to your insights about technology, teams, tools, and process.

We apply a thoughtful, people-centered approach to staffing and management to foster a culture of care and bolster talent and retention throughout our organization. This benefits both our company and our partners.

Coforma team members join a company meeting on Zoom.

Coforma team members join a company meeting on Zoom.

Remote Yet Connected

We believe that actually knowing each other improves the work that we do together.

We don’t slack off, but we Slack . . . a lot. From project work to personal creative endeavors, professional development conversations to gaming achievements, we embrace sharing and supporting each other.

We gather for monthly All Hands meetings to keep people informed and see how they’re doing. You can also sign up for weekly virtual donuts and coffee to meet new team members and stay in touch with ones you haven’t seen in awhile. And, know that sometimes we meet up in person: where we live, when we travel, or as a whole company for team building and bonding at our annual co:assemble gathering.

Coforma is a company that walks the walk and wears its heart on its sleeve. This is a collective of kind, smart, and talented people who are a joy to work with. This is work done in true collaboration with wonderful partners.
A Coforma Designer
1,000 hours invested in professional development this year.

Learn to Grow

We believe our future will be created by the curious.

We invest in your continued personal and professional development through the internal resources we provide, the space we create for learning, and the annual investments we make in each of our employees. You’ ll have:

  • Access to documented best practices from our disciplines

  • Regular time to connect to deepen skills internally

  • The chance to attend monthly brown bag lunches related to our work and the world around us, ranging from object-oriented UX, to optimizing GitHub workflows, to telling your story through your portfolio, and more

  • A $2,000 a year budget per employee to support your professional development

65% identify as women in tech; 10% are Veterans; Over 50 feline/canine assistants; 45% bring diverse experiences

Intentionally Diverse

The best solutions draw from diverse experiences.

We embrace uniqueness and intentionally recruit diverse talent so that our teams include people with a wide range of life experiences and perspectives. Our job descriptions are crafted to speak to individuals typically under-represented in our fields—specifically women and people of color—to encourage them to apply.

And once you’re here, you’ll find we at once align around shared values and celebrate differences. We’re welcoming and supportive to newcomers. We embrace an inclusive mindset from hiring to workplace culture, to the benefits we offer and approaches we use in developing solutions. Both on the Coforma team and outside of it, we’re driven by a deep respect and appreciation for people’s varying backgrounds and experiences.

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Meaningful Giving

We support impactful organizations and efforts whose missions align with our values.

Making a difference doesn’t stop with the work we do every day. Our Cofolx get International Volunteer Day off to support an organization that’s meaningful to you. As a company, we regularly support and sponsor values-aligned organizations. In the past, we’ve supported groups that center and promote the queer design experience, prioritize web accessibility, and work to decrease Veteran suicide through pro-bono design services, mentorship, training, funding, reciprocal learning opportunities, and more.

Coforma could write a book, the book, about how to have a vibrant remote culture. Our culture continually manifests itself in how we treat each other. It’s so great and it works.
A Coforma Designer
People care about sharing knowledge, getting to know each other, and being good at what they do while being honest about where they could improve.
A Coforma Engineer
Working at Coforma has enabled me to flex my potential in new ways. I’m working on projects that I’m passionate about and helping tell stories that will change lives.
A Coforma Project Manager
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Make Room for You

We believe there’s more to life than work. At Coforma, you can show up authentically.

Human-centered isn’t just a methodology we apply to our work. Cofolx are [co]nnected through not only our shared values, but also through coordinated efforts to work together and share space with the freedom to show up as our full selves.

You can expect to work hard and for those around you to understand that work doesn’t always come first. A full life includes walking dogs, attending children’s performances, experiencing concerts, and enjoying hobbies and vacations. Your experience at Coforma is one part of that endeavor.

I enjoy working on an engineering team that uses their craft in the service of making things that help. As much as we care about our craft, it is not in isolation but rather in service of something else.
A Coforma Engineer