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Protestors with signs urging there to be no wall, and exclaming that immigrants and refugees are what make this country great.

Tracking Immigration Policy Impact

We improved the design and functionality of The Immigration Policy Tracking Project’s database and website so that policymakers can easily find and analyze policies passed by an anti-immigration administration.

The Challenge

Client Name
The Immigration Policy Tracking Project
Deliver Date
July 31, 2020

The Immigration Policy Tracking Project wanted to overhaul their tool’s design and functionality for policymakers.

The Immigration Policy Tracking Project is the most comprehensive immigration policy database for tracking the Trump administration’s actions that has ever been created. IPTP wanted to overhaul the tool’s look, feel, and functionality as people prepare to change the policies that negatively impact US immigrants. Some aspects of the site and database were cumbersome to use and navigate. The IPTP needed to understand what their end users needed and wanted the site to do, or to do better, and then make those improvements across the site. They also wanted to update the look and feel of the site in the process.

Our Approach

We led human-centered design activities and used an agile development approach to give IPTP an improved product solution and a new look and feel.

Coforma helped redesign IPTP with real users at the center of research, design, and development. Prior to developing the site’s improvement, we presented a report that:

  • Synthesized user needs and personas

  • Presented journey maps

  • Validated problem statements

  • Validated use cases

  • Outlined the technical landscape

  • Defined the information architecture

  • Defined the tool’s voice and visual style

These materials were used to develop site taxonomy, navigation, and improved functionality across the site.

As a result, policymakers can easily find and analyze policies passed by an anti-immigration administration and recommend strategies for addressing them in support of a more progressive agenda.


Different categories about immigration policies have been made that can be searched for through this program.

Search policies by keyword.

Explore Policies with Search

Users can find the policies that matter to them by searching for keywords.

User interface showing policies that have been made separated by recent entries and current events.

View recent entries and current events.

See What’s New & Current

Users can see recent actions on policies and read about related current events.

Timeline showing policies that have been made as well as circle graphs showing what portion of all policies are certain categories.

Actions on policies can be seen in a timeline view.

Timeline View

Each policy can be viewed as a timeline, with every action on the policy noted and linked in chronological order. Users can scroll from the policy’s enactment to its most recent action.

Project Team

  • AngelaAngela HopkinsContent Strategy
  • AshleighAshleigh AxiosSponsor, CXO
  • DerekDerek KinsmanSoftware Engineer
  • EduardoEduardo OrtizSponsor, Product Manager
  • JamesJames HobbsUX & Visual Designer
  • JaredJared CunhaFront-End Engineer
  • LokeshLokesh RajbhandariProject Manager
  • SabrinaSabrina FonsecaResearch Lead & UX Designer
  • YoniYoni KnollTechnical Lead & CMS Development