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Co-created designs for progressive partners.

Focus Areas


Health is at the center of the human experience. We take a human-centered approach to learning pain points to care, systems, and technologies—and addressing them.


We know the critical tools, products, and services that need further investment to enable smooth and safe immigration to the US. Our services solutions prioritize safety, usability, and equity.

Veterans Services

We are 10% Veterans, and we do not leave anyone behind. We streamline access to support and services for Veteran communities.

Voting & Civic Engagement

Democracy is served by centering and empowering people’s voices. We support these missions and organizations with a people, process, and technology approach towards service and product solutions.

Access to Justice & Equity

We focus on making progress towards peace and rehabilitation through ethical, accessible, inclusive technology and design solutions that improve overworked systems.

Each of our focus areas puts people front and center.

We make things that help people, and we won’t make things that harm people. Our partners are vetted, and our solutions are research-driven and data informed. We validate assumptions and test frequently because in order to build the thing right, we first need to ensure we’re building the right thing. Ethics are baked into everything we do, from teaming decisions to accessible designs.


Navin Vembar, PhD
Coforma has been a joy to work with. They worked with us on a COVID-19-related project, understood its importance, grasped its complexity, and quickly implemented thoughtful strategies and solutions with us. They truly were partners with us. Their skills in technology, design, and messaging were vital to our success.
Navin Vembar, PhD Cofounder, CTO Camber Systems

If you have a challenge we could help you solve, we’d love to hear from you.